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                (86)755-25023136 MON~FRI, 8:00 - 20:00
                service@szhgprt.com Welcome your mail!
                Shenzhen*China Baoan District Shiyan Street
                • Shenzhen HuaGuan Printing Co.,Ltd.

                  A professional supplier of printing solutions——various gift packaging boxes, color-boxes, color-cards, books & album of paintings, various sponge, EVA etc

                • Advanced technology& equipment

                  With more than 20 years of printing experience, advanced automated printing equipment,we can provide a higher quality printing services

                • The spirit of the craftsman

                  We can not only provide printed matter that satisfy customers, but also moved customers

                • The brand leader

                  We integrate corporate culture and brand management philosophy, build a team with expertise, and create brilliance with strength.


                Design, Manufacture, Typesetting, Output


                Four &spot color, Gravue, Transparent?ink

                Surface treatment

                Calendaring, UV-coating, Lamination


                Die?cutting, Folding, Gluing, Binding

                Our Advantages

                Shenzhen HuaGuan Printing
                Shenzhen HuaGuan Printing

                Equipment display

                With many advanced printing equipment and solid printing technology, we can provide high quality and high time printing products.

                • Printing Press

                  Komori LITHRONE S440

                  40"Multi-Color Perfecting Offset Printing Press;
                  Max. printing area: 710*1020mm;
                  High printing quality, stable sheet feeding and delivery;
                • Auto-laminating Machine

                  Max bonding speed: 150m/min;
                  Max bonding thickness:0.04 ~ 0.8mm;
                  Max paper size: 840mm * 1150mm;
                  Auto-laminating Machine
                •  Automatic Die Cutting Machine

                  Automatic die-cutting machine

                  Max working speed: 4000s/h;
                  Max cutting thickness:Cardboard 250-2000g;
                  Corrugated paper <7mm;
                  Max cutting size: 1050*760mm
                • Automatic Laminating Machine

                  Max Laminating speed: 20-70m/min;
                  Max paper size:1200×1060mm;
                  Max Laminating size: 100-500g/m2(<157g);
                   Automatic Laminating Machine
                • Heidelberg folding machine

                  Heidelberg folding machine

                  Max folding speed: 210m/min
                  Max folding thickness:800mm
                  Max folding size: 780mm×1160mm;
                  Min folding size: 140mm×180mm


                Reading the printing industry policies and regulations,Disseminating information on the development of printing industry.

                Look forward to your cooperation

                We have been established for twenty years, and we are improving ourselves step by step.
                We believe that the best advertisement of a company is its customers. We can influence the industry bit by bit with our own strength.